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What did your client say about you again?

If you were a customer at your own business, would you be having a great experience?

If your answer isn’t a resounding YES, you’ve got a problem.

Customer service is an invaluable aspect of any business. You could even say that business is ALL ABOUT customer service. And in this case, “good enough” isn’t ACTUALLY good enough.

Forget about your offer for a moment—if you’re not treating putting your customers at the top of your priority, you won’t be seeing sales anyway.

Show your customers that you appreciate them through small, personalized notes or rewards, and take their feedback to heart, whether it’s positive or negative. Just give it a try, and watch your revenue slowly start to rise.

Plus, it helps you build a positive reputation. And when competition is tight, every bit of support counts!

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing, after all. The better you serve your customers, the more likely they are to sing your praises—and get even more eyes on your brand.

Picture this: a customer is choosing between your business and that of your closest competitor.

Your products and services are essentially indistinguishable. But it just so happens that your company provides way better customer service. Maybe they have friends who’ve had a great experience with your business or see tons of glowing online reviews.

At that point, it’s pretty clear which direction the customer will go in.

With all that said, let’s go back to the original question, shall we?

If you were a customer at your own business, would you be having a great experience?

If you want to start giving stellar customer service, may we present… ourselves!!!

The TopVA team is full of hardworking, dependable VAs who are also super fun to talk to! We can give your customers an experience they won’t soon forget.

And to prove to you just how stellar we are, here’s a link to some of our clients’ testimonials.

If you’re ready to work together, just visit and schedule your FREE success strategy session.

Thanks for reading!


The TopVA Team

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