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Debunking 5 Myths About Virtual Assistants

By now, you may have heard all about the good things a Virtual Assistant can help you with. But with all the benefits that a VA can bring to your business, they are still no stranger to misconceptions. Unfortunately, these misconceptions and myths cause some entrepreneurs to shy away from the solutions that VAs provide.

Today, we'll be discussing and debunking the top five most infamous myths about Virtual Assistants.

Myth #1: Anyone Can be a Virtual Assistant

Your Virtual Assistant is not just a random person who suddenly decided to become a VA. It takes experience and expertise to manage the needs of multiple clients efficiently. To handle day-to-day tasks, one needs to be adept at a wide range of processes across multiple platforms.

At TopVA, our virtual assistants are educated, experienced professionals. We hire, train, deploy, and supervise your assigned VA according to your business needs. Thus, you can be sure that whoever you'll be working with is capable of accomplishing any task you delegate to them.

Myth #2: VAs Can Only do Administrative Work

While it’s true that your VA will primarily take on administrative tasks, they can also support you in other facets of your business. Your VA can work as a copywriter, video editor, marketing strategist, social media manager, graphic designer, customer service, and more!

You’ll get the chance to work with a multi-faceted Virtual Assistant when you hire someone from TopVA. And what’s best is that we already have all the tools needed to ensure 100% efficiency in all the tasks you need to be done.

Myth #3: Hiring a VA is Expensive

It can be pricey, yes. But think of it as an investment. When you hire a member of the TopVA team, you’ll only be paying for the tasks you need to be accomplished. This means you’ll only pay for the service you need and nothing more. If you think about it, hiring a VA is a more affordable choice than hiring in-house personnel you have to pay every day (even when they aren't getting anything done).

More than that, our VAs work as independent contractors, which means you won’t shoulder their breaks, idle time, vacation, and other forms of employee perks and compensation. There are no setup or overhead costs and no hidden charges—the agreed-upon rate is all you pay for.

Myth #4: Sharing Sensitive Information With a VA is Risky

This is one of the most common misconceptions when working with a VA. It’s pretty reasonable to be concerned with your personal data, especially if you’re working with an off-shore VA. But with enough research, you’ll surely find tons of agencies like TopVA that offer a high standard of security.

Myth #5: Hiring a VA is a Temporary Solution

Think of your VA as a real part of your team—because they are! Whatever your in-house employee does, your VA can do it, too. The only thing your VA can’t do is physically bring you your coffee.

We hope this helped clarify some of the common misconceptions about working with a virtual assistant. If you need someone who can get the job done, don’t hesitate to hire a VA.

If you have any questions about what your VA can do for you, reach out to our team at TopVA now. We are more than happy to discuss what our VAs can offer. Fill out the contact form here to get started.

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