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Why Chatbots Are Your Ticket To Success

Well, would you look at that? It’s another insightful blog post from TopVA!

Today’s entry will help you gain an edge over your competitors using a bit of automation technology. So if this is something you’re interested in (and you should be), then please keep reading!

You’ve probably encountered those annoying message bots that pop up on e-commerce websites. And most of the time, you probably just close them and carry on.

But what if that “annoying” feature is a big reason why that business—and so many others—are making the big bucks?

That’s right! Chatbots are more than just a feature for your website or social media page. If implemented correctly, they can enhance your business in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

Today, we’ll define chatbots and go over a few compelling reasons why you need to implement them in your strategy. So let’s stop the chit-chat right now and delve straight into this!

What Are Chatbots?

A chatbot is an automated program or piece of software that simulates the experience of chatting with another person. They can provide insights regarding your products and/or services, answer questions, help with navigation around your website, and many more.

Some chatbots are more modern than others, like those that are powered by AI (artificial intelligence). But typically, chatbots lean heavily on the use of established conversation patterns and canned replies.

Why Use Chatbots For Your Business?

Reason #1: Provide Round-The-Clock Customer Service

According to UbiSend, 51% of consumers expect businesses to be available 24 hours a day to address their concerns. Obviously, providing that level of customer service is extremely difficult and costly...

…Until you start using a chatbot.

Imagine your chatbot as an employee that works for you every minute of every hour of every day. No matter what time it is, they will always be there to help your customers to the best of their capabilities—which is whatever their programming permits.

Always assume that your customers are the most impatient people on the planet. They won’t waste any time waiting for responses to their concerns. Using a chatbot solves that problem in an instant!

Reason #2: Eliminate Human Error

You may have a solid team of customer representatives, but no matter how dependable they are, some errors will inevitably seep through the cracks.

This is where a chatbot can definitely shine. Rather than risking your human employees making costly mistakes, especially when addressing concerns, a chatbot can reduce the chances of that happening with its machine-like accuracy and intelligent algorithms.

Just be sure to load it with appropriate responses to every query you can think of. Do that, and you’ll have yourself a one-bot army for customer support!

Reason #3: Compile Customer Data

A chatbot can do more than just respond to your customers. It can also compile useful data, making easier to get to know your customers!

You can see the most frequent gripes they have with your products, as well as suggestions for your company. And if you analyze all of this and use it to improve your products, you’ll be able to provide customers with…

  • A wider selection of choices

  • Improved recommendations

  • Customized offers

Now you can give your customers the service they deserve, all thanks to your trusty chatbot!

Closing Remarks

So now you’ve taken a glimpse into the power of chatbots. But wait—before you get too excited, we’ve got some important, last-minute remarks for you.

Just because chatbots can do a significant amount of work for you, doesn’t mean they should do ALL of the work.

This is a friendly reminder to not let chatbots dominate your strategy. Because if your business loses its human aspect, you may also find it difficult to establish genuine connections with your customers, and that’s a BIG NO-NO.

Use chatbots wisely. And with that being said, thank you so much for reading! We hope we’ve given you a way to run things more efficiently, and improve your revenue in the long run.

If you liked this article, you’re always welcome to share it on your social media. And as always, watch out for the next one by following our blog!

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