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How About Being Unproductive for a Change?

So... you’re currently at the top of your game. You’re killing it at your job, and you’re showing no signs of slowing down. But deep down, you feel tired... drained for some reason. That’s called burnout. And that might be because you’re overworking yourself.

Now you’re thinking, “I can’t stop now. I’ve gotten myself into such a good rhythm and I’m not sure if I can replicate this level of work again anytime soon.”

First, stop overthinking. Because now is the time for you to listen to what your body is telling you.

You may be burned out—and you don't even know it.

And if you keep this up any longer than you should, it could start to affect your health negatively, and that is something you cannot allow.

You’ve been extremely productive. Great! Now, how about some unproductivity for a change? Here are some suggestions for how to relax and unwind after all your hard work—because you’ve definitely earned it.

Pick Up a Hobby

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument? Maybe you'd like to try a new sport? Whatever you do, now's the time to pick up a new hobby.

Make no mistake, however, learning a new skill or discipline will take time and effort. But if you’re committed enough, you could discover a new passion that gives your life more prupose. Try it out! You never know.

Work Out

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to start getting in better shape, then this is it.

Not only does working out help you look and feel better, but it also contributes to a more positive and productive state of mind. You’ll find that consistent exercise greatly helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. So put on your gear, have your favorite workout playlist ready, and embrace the grind!

Go To Sleep

It doesn’t get more unproductive than this. When you’re asleep, your body refuels itself so that you can safely take on the challenges that tomorrow will bring. Lack of sleep is dangerous as it can cause several health complications and affect your overall productivity.

The bottom line is this—get some sleep. You need it.

Time to Wrap This Up

“Unproductivity” is a word that usually has a negative connotation. But when you’re feeling drained from working a little too much, a couple of hours of unproductivity could be just the thing you need to replenish your mind and body.

If you’ve found something that’s worth being unproductive for and you want to make more time for it, then a virtual assistant is exactly what you need. Let TopVA handle your day-to-day tasks. Our versatile and capable VAs are always ready to put their skills and hard work to good use. Hit us up today!

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