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Do Facebook Ads Still Have a Place in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

It's 2022, two years removed from the advent of a paradigm-shifting pandemic. So much has changed—Facebook is now Meta, TikTok and short-form video now dominate social media, and algorithms have become increasingly more involved in our collective digital marketing efforts. With all these developments, one wonders...

Are Facebook ads still relevant?

Spoiler Alert: The answer is YES.

And here are the reasons why...

Reason #1 It Still Has the Lion's Share of the Market

In 2022, Facebook is the top 3 most visited website for US-based internet users. While it fell two spots from the previous year, it held the top spot since 2010—certainly no mean feat.

You want more numbers? Fine. Facebook has about 2.7 billion users across the globe. With such a massive userbase, it should come as no surprise that advertisers continue to take advantage of its unparalleled reach. In fact, Facebook ad spend is only expected to grow as this year rolls on as predicted by BIA Advisory Services.

Reason #2 Facebook Ads' Audience Targeting is Unmatched

Facebook is famous (or perhaps infamous) for its ability to track and gather user data. All that information is right at your advertising fingertips. All you really have to do is reach out and grab it.

Why does that matter?

Think about it. The success of your ad campaign hinges on your ability to find and reach the largest amount of the right people. It's not solely about the quality or the quality of your leads—it's both. Luckily, Facebook has a massive reach and the tools to parse through and identify which of these people are most susceptible to your offer.

Simply put, Facebook is the largest pool in the game, and it provides you with all the tools you need to navigate through the waters.

Reason #3 Organic Reach Is In Decline

Most digital marketers will tell you that organic reach is the best kind. And the consensus is right—when it comes to the quality of engagement that they provide, organic leads are the cream of the crop.

But the thing is, they're getting harder and harder to reach. This is mainly due to Facebook's algorithm changes. You see, back in the day, the platform prioritized unpaid (i.e. organic) content, making sure to grace your feeds with posts from pages that you actually liked. These days, those organic posts reach roughly only 2.2% of a page's followers on average.

Talk about a fall from grace.

So, how does Facebook tie into all of this? Well, since it offers a mix of paid and unpaid ads, you can employ a digital marketing strategy that mixes the best of both worlds. This should give you more options when it comes to reaching your audience.

Reason #4 Facebook (sorry, Meta) Continues to Evolve

I guess we have to get used to the name change, huh? Whatever, Facebook will always be Facebook. Aside from the new name and logo, the platform is still in a constant state of algorithmic flux. It also keeps adding new features.

You like those short-form videos on TikTok? Okay, Facebook now has reels. Remember when Snapchat was a thing? Facebook eventually released "MyDays" to get on the bandwagon. You're probably thinking, "they're just ripping off other platforms!" You're right, but that lack of originality isn't hurting Facebook's user base. If anything, all these added features are just making it harder for people to leave the platform.

Wrapping Up

If you're interested in using Facebook Ads to bolster your marketing efforts, take a look at last week's blog post for some useful tips.

But if you'd rather let someone else handle your Facebook Ads, look no further than TopVA. From ideation to execution to tracking and tweaking—we've got all the bases covered.

Connect with us here.

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