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Coco Benitez Hero Journey

“I understand why the business name is TopVA. Because they work their tip-top for their clients…” — Coco Benitez

Coco Benitez was one of the best life coaches who ever lived.

She supported individuals and organizations that need to achieve balance and accomplish their goals, even outside of a professional setting.

But despite all her success… Coco had lots of issues she needed to address.

In order to put her business over the top, she needed to fine-tune her entire digital marketing approach. From strategies to content creation, she needed a way to cover all her bases.

So now the question was… where would this support come from?

Naturally, Coco didn’t find the answer right away. But luckily, she was extremely dedicated and tenacious.

So she searched and searched, until…

She found TopVA!

There are a lot of virtual assistant agencies on the market. And Coco could’ve chosen any of them.

But instead, she chose one that really GOES THE EXTRA MILE for each client.

TopVA… What more can be said about them?

They’ve got the manpower, expertise and work ethic to meet any business owner’s standards.

From administrative support and website creation, to social media marketing, content marketing, virtual summit support and more—this agency is built to handle any and all requirements.

So after a brief success strategy session, the partnership between Coco and TopVA made its humble beginnings.

It didn’t take long for Coco to see just how much of a difference TopVA could make.

She communicated seamlessly with her direct VA. Whenever she needed help organizing aspects of her business, she got exactly what she asked for—and more!

And not only that!

TopVA’s hardworking and passionate multimedia team created eye-catching, yet insightful social media content for her business, significantly increasing her engagement and profitability.

Safe to say, Coco’s fortunes shifted after partnering up with TopVA.

With a top-tier crew of virtual assistants backing her up, she became one of the most sought-after life coaches in the entire industry.

Coco just knew that her discovery was too good not to share with the rest of the world.

So she began spreading the word about her new favorite virtual assistant agency. And thanks to her, more and more business owners found solace in TopVA.

As of this writing, both Coco and TopVA have survived and thrived in their respective fields. And from the looks of things, they will continue to do so for as long as possible.

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