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3 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help Manage Your Connections

There’s no better time to grow a business than now. The playing field has shifted to the digital realm, and there’s no shortage of opportunities to expand your brand online.

That being said, we still have to keep in mind that the more freely available all these opportunities are, the more intense the competition becomes. It’s more convenient than ever to market your business by publishing content online—which means hundreds of other brands are also in the running to catch your audience’s attention and secure the commitments of your business leads.

This can make business owners—especially startups—feel overwhelmed by the stiff competition. This leads to difficulty in building and managing their business connections.

But modern problems require modern solutions! And when you have a virtual assistant by your side, you’ll be surprised by how easily you can navigate through the chaos.

A virtual assistant can help you grow your business connections in 3 useful ways! Here they are...

#1 Social Media Prospecting and Lead Generation

We meant a different kind of prospecting, but okay...

It’s no secret that social media has now become the leading platform for generating business leads. And rightfully so—it allows you to reach a wide range of people in one sitting!

You just need to publish a few pieces of content on social media or send a message, and you’ll immediately put yourself in the position to potentially establish connections.

So what’s the holdup? That sounds easy enough. But when you consider the ever-growing user population of social media (think Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram), you’ll realize that the work is much more tedious than it looks.

With so many potential leads, just imagine the amount of time you’ll need to scout for prospects and send outgoing messages! And this is all on top of your other responsibilities as a business owner. Let's face it, you simply don’t have the luxury of time to spare.

But when you work with a virtual assistant, you won’t have to worry about that!

Why? Because a virtual assistant can serve as an extension of your brand and handle sending emails or replying to comments on your posts. More importantly, they have the tools and resources to expedite the process of reaching out to business leads!

#2 Managing Customer Relationships

Maybe she needs a virtual assistant?

The better your relationship with your client, the more likely they’ll remain loyal to your business.

And when that happens, you put yourself in a better position to run upsell campaigns and ask for referrals and testimonials, which can further reinforce your brand appeal and bring in new leads.

But keeping your clients happy isn’t just about hitting a checklist of their needs and giving them what they ask for. You have to go beyond that. More often than not, they also take into account the quality of your service and how engaged and genuine you are with them. This is where a virtual assistant can help elevate your business!

When having your client meetings or alignment calls, a virtual assistant can take the minutes of the meeting or record them for you (if your client allows), so you can focus solely on your client. They can take note of all the shared information between both parties, which can be used as helpful resources in accomplishing relevant tasks or for updating your CRM database.

#3 Filtering Communication

You shall not pass and all that jazz.

One of the main reasons why business relationships falter is because of miscommunication. You might think that instant communication through chat apps, email, or SMS would make things easier. And while they normally do, the sheer number of messages we receive on a daily basis can sometimes cause important messages to be lost in the shuffle.

These messages pile up so quickly that it becomes difficult to distinguish between the relevant bits of information and the unimportant ones. This is inconvenient at best, and costly at worst. You’d be putting your business at risk of missing out on crucial requests from your clients.

Luckily for you, the job is easier when you have a virtual assistant in your corner!

A virtual assistant can manage all your communication lines and filter out the messages that don’t matter to your business. You don’t need to spend precious hours in the day checking your inbox and sorting through the mess, helping you be more efficient with your time.

Parting Words

Don't be like that. We'll be back with a new post next week...

And there you have it! We hope this blog has made it clear how much easier it is to run a modern business and manage your connections when you have the support of a virtual assistant.

After all, business is all about choosing quality over quantity. You can only accomplish so many tasks before feeling burned out and getting lost in the clutter. Achieve more and do more for your business when you have a virtual assistant to help you lighten the load!

And if you’ve decided you need expert virtual assistants on your side, our team is here to help! Get in touch with us here to get started:

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