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Why You Should Hold Online Business Events (And How To Do It Right)

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

“The market for virtual events is estimated to reach $366.5 billion by 2027.” (Influencer Marketing Hub)

Ever since the lockdowns started, business owners have sought different ways to market their businesses. This heralded a rise in popularity for online events—and if you ask us, there are tons of good reasons why!

When done correctly, virtual events are a convenient way to provide your consumers with value, and create more hype for your business—emphasis on “when done correctly.”

So in today’s blog, we’ll get into why you should host online events for your business, along with some tips on how to make it worthwhile for your participants!

Why Should You Host Online Events?

We could go on all day about how online events can help with your scaling efforts. But in order to save time, we’ve rounded up just three of the most important reasons!

For one, you will be able to reach a much wider audience.

Virtual events are done… virtually (ba dum tss)

Since everything will take place on the internet, it won’t be difficult for you to reach people—regardless of what state or even country they live in. And the more participants you can secure, the better your chances are at acquiring paying clients.

Next, you can gauge the success of your virtual event with quantifiable data.

If you’re considering making virtual events a recurring thing, that’s great! You’ll also be pleased to know that you can track the effectiveness of your events with KPIs and other data. Some of the numbers you’ll want to look out for are the registrations, event page visits, attendance, and participation time.

Use your findings to improve your future events and provide your consumers with an enhanced experience.

And lastly, you’ll save money organizing virtual events as opposed to live events!

Saving money is always important—especially in business! So it makes perfect sense to lean heavily on virtual event marketing.

Think about it. You won’t have to look for a place. You won’t have to rent sound equipment. You won’t have to hire hosts and handle ticketing expenses, accommodation, and other logistics.

Instead, all you need is a solid internet connection, a good-quality webcam, and some reliable headphones. If you have those, combined with a foolproof event strategy, then you’re all set!

How to Maximize Your Next Online Event

So now that we’ve discussed why you should host online events, let’s move on to how you can maximize your next one!

First, you should choose the right platform for your event.

There are plenty of platforms for you to choose from, each with various features. Some enable you to collaborate with other companies, while others offer advanced moderation tools to take full control of your event. Some of the most popular today are vFairs, Goldcast, Hopin, Hubilo, Accelevents, Cvent, the list goes on and on. Smaller platforms are also worth checking out depending on your specific needs—just be sure to familiarize yourself with the features of each one before you commit.

Next, you need to promote your event.

It’s nice to imagine hundreds of participants willingly flocking to your event. But to do that, you’ll need to get the word out there.

Do some research on digital marketing and social media to find out how best to spread the word. Always make sure to include when it will take place, how they can attend, and most importantly—what’s in it for them.

And finally, you MUST engage your audience.

How many times have you fallen asleep during a high school or college lecture? Probably one too many, right?

So with that in mind, you should ensure that your audience is NEVER bored.

Plan activities that encourage them to participate and ask questions. It doesn’t matter whether they’re asking you, or their fellow participants. Keep them in an inquisitive mood so that they’re more receptive to your insights.

And of course, make sure they have fun—so they come back for more!

Final Word

If you’re still here and you’re now sold on the idea of online events, then you’ll love what we’re going to say next!

TopVA is well-equipped to help you maximize your next online event. We’ve conceptualized, planned, and executed successful webinars, tele summits, and more—to the delight of our clients!

Click here to book your success strategy session with us, free of charge:

Well, that’s it for today. We hope you gained a lot of new insights, and we encourage you to stay tuned for our next insightful business blog.

Catch you later!


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