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Want to be a Thought Leader? Write an eBook

What do all elite business owners have in common?

Besides their overall savviness, innovative spirit, and ability to make smart decisions, such entrepreneurs are all bona fide thought leaders––needle movers who revolutionize their respective fields.

Want to follow in their footsteps? Then you’ve got to start sharing more VALUE with your market.


One surefire way you can do so? By creating and publishing… ebooks––yes, you read that right!

And so, for this blog, we’ll dive deeper into why creating and publishing ebooks can be such a powerful tool for your business and provide you with some useful tips on how to create one.

But first… let us refresh your memory on just what an ebook is.

What Is an Ebook?

To put it simply… an electronic book or ebook is pretty much just like your typical paper book—but only in a digital version.

Why Does Creating Ebooks Matter?

As we’ve mentioned, the primary benefit of creating and publishing an ebook is that it helps solidify your status as a leader in your field. It shows your market, peers, and competitors your utmost understanding of the basics of your industry and its nuances.

Aside from being cost-effective tools, ebooks can also help amplify your status as a credible value provider and ultimately increase your chances of attracting more potential customers or clients!

Is creating ebooks easy? Absolutely not. But it’s certainly worth the grind if you want your business to get ahead of the pack!

How to Choose a Topic for Your Ebook

As with any other piece of content, the topic of your ebook can make or break its success. So, to ensure that your ebook resonates with your target audience, it's important to choose a highly relevant topic that showcases your knowledge and expertise in your field.

That said, here are some tips for choosing the right topic for your ebook:

  • Identify topics that interest both you and your target audience.

  • Identify any issues or challenges faced by your audience that could potentially be solved through an ebook.

  • Analyze current trends in the field and look for potential opportunities to create content around those topics.

  • Talk to your customer base and solicit feedback on what topics they would like to read more about.

It’s worth mentioning, of course, that these tips will only serve you well if you take the time to conduct thorough research. Doing so will allow you to circle in on the most relevant topics that will resonate with your audience.


Once you have an idea of what topics you want to cover in your Ebook, it's time to create an organized outline! 

Begin by taking your list of potential topics and organizing them into logical chapters and subchapters. In doing so, remember to identify the key points you wish to highlight and strategize a sensible flow and arrangement for them within the overall outline.

As you create your outline, it’s also ideal to include a mix of informative and actionable content. Your readers will want to learn something new and useful, but they'll also appreciate practical advice they can apply to their own lives.

After completing your rough outline, take some time to refine it and make sure it flows smoothly from beginning to end––you will likely need to make some tweaks, but you should be fine!

As long as you have a solid framework in place, the writing process will be much smoother!


Now… onto the challenging but most pivotal phase: WRITING! Here, you merge your ideas, research, and expertise to craft something of real value for your audience.

Our essential advice? Dive boldly into your subject matter and invest your full effort. The more you infuse your ebook with insights and personal knowledge, the greater the value you can offer, ultimately establishing yourself as a credible thought leader.

However, it's crucial to maintain a smooth flow and ensure readability. As you know, most readers prefer easily digestible content that doesn't overwhelm them. The last thing you want is to burden or bore your readers with extensive blocks of text.

To make your ebook engaging and accessible, remember to utilize short paragraphs and clear headings whenever possible. This approach breaks your content into manageable sections, simplifying navigation and enhancing the absorption of information.

Ready to Be a Thought Leader?

And there you have it––a glimpse of how pivotal ebooks are in establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Hopefully, this blog was able to shed some light on how you can start making yours!

And if you find that you need further assistance in this endeavor, TopVA's copywriting services are here for you!

To learn more, just schedule a free call here.

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