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Three Lessons We Can Learn From Off Days

Admit it—as much as you want to stay focused and be the best you can be at work, this does not always happen. Let me tell you, there is no need to feel guilty. It is pointless to penalize yourself for being human.

There are five workdays in a week, and if anyone thinks consistently being in optimal working shape alone isn’t heavy work in its own right, then that person is probably a robot or an alien.

But that’s not you! You are a dedicated individual with a lot to offer! You have a steadfast inner drive for success in your work, and having off days doesn’t make you any less of that person.

Again, that’s just you being HUMAN.

Feel free to put that self-deprecating mindset to sleep because there are far more practical and—not to mention—KINDER ways to deal with off days. Here they are:

1. Acknowledge That You Are Having an Off Day

Regardless of the reason, the first step in dealing with an off day is acknowledging the situation.

Are you feeling too lazy to do any work?

Do you not have enough energy to be efficient with your tasks?

Are you not in the mood to be your usual charming self to your colleagues or clients?

The sooner you come to terms with the problem, the faster you can put yourself in a position to solve it. Remember, any kind of progress will always be better than mere stagnation—always.

2. Think About Your Big 'Why'

Are you a dedicated workhorse with a deep passion for what you do? There must be a compelling reason that keeps your motor running.

Dig deep within yourself, and focus on that big 'why’.

If it helps condition your mind better, you can write it down on a sticky note to serve as a constant visual reminder. Should you feel extra creative, you can even make a collage to make it more visually appealing!

3. Ask for Help

Finally, there is no shame in swallowing your pride and asking for help—you'd only be doing yourself a favor.

By asking for help, you get to be more efficient with your tasks, and, most importantly, you get to allow space for your off days.

The idea is not to decrease your value but rather to limit the pressure you're under.

The Bottomline

Having off days is normal and should not be a cause for self-deprecation. They are merely reminders that there are far more things important than work alone.

More importantly, it is a reminder for you to work smarter.

If you want to accomplish your day-to-day tasks more efficiently without compromising your mental health and valuable time, you may want to think about hiring a virtual assistant.

Luckily, TopVA can give you exactly what you need! Click here to get started!

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