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3 Reasons To Start Podcast Marketing In 2023

“Podcast advertising expenditure was $800 million in 2020, and this figure is predicted to more than double to $1.7 billion by 2024, suggesting a nearly 20% annual growth rate.” (IAB Pricewaterhouse Coopers)

By now, you’ve probably already listened to a boatload of podcasts… and for good reason!

This form of content is extremely versatile because it's a ridiculously easy way to consume lots of value—which is why its popularity has exploded in the past few years. There are audio-only podcasts you can stream on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and video podcasts that you can follow on YouTube.

Whatever topic you want to learn more about, chances are someone’s made a podcast for it already.

But did you know that YOU could use podcasts to market your business?

Wait, what?

Yessir! Podcast marketing should definitely be on your to-do list for 2023, and we’re here to give you three good reasons why. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Podcast Marketing Helps You Build Brand Partnerships

Podcasts can help you expand your reach and get a ton of attention in a short span of time. And you’re not just limited to casual listeners and your own consumers!

A well-produced and written podcast can get the attention of other brands whose interests may align with your own. You can establish fruitful partnerships by inviting other business owners to guest on your pod, or even reach out to other shows as a potential speaker… and maybe even work up to product collaborations.

So not only will you be launching some amazing new products—you’ll also tap into other brands’ audiences. And that can only mean more profitable opportunities for your business!

Podcast Marketing Helps You Establish Credibility

To start your own podcast, you just need three things—confidence, a little charisma, and significant expertise in your field. You can always upgrade your equipment later. If you have these three things, you can consistently put out high-value content, wow your listeners, and establish yourself as a thought leader.

And who wouldn’t want to work with a self-assured person who knows what they’re doing?

So make sure to bring your A-game with every podcast episode.

Podcast Marketing Is Extremely Convenient

Know what makes podcasts super awesome?

You can play them literally anywhere, anytime.

You can listen to them while being productive. You can play them in the background while working out. You can put them on before going to sleep. The list goes on.

We believe that the best forms of marketing should be seen and/or experienced with relative ease. And in light of that, podcast marketing definitely fits the bill!

With a podcast, your consumers essentially have 24/7 access to your content, and they don’t even need to pause what they’re currently doing to listen to it. And if all of your episodes are a combination of entertainment and insightful content, then your business and your products will always remain top-of-mind!

Bonus: Podcasts can boost your Content Marketing, too!

After you’ve produced and put out a podcast episode, that’s not the end of it! As a long-form, high-value type of content, you can break it down into enticing video snippets, audiograms, and quotes, and even use them as fodder for blog posts.

Talk about a win-win!

Final Word

Still here? That’s awesome! Thank you so much for reading. Hopefully, now you’ve seen the amazing rewards that podcast marketing can bring you—if you do it right.

And if you’re curious about starting your own podcast, we might just make a follow-up blog on how to start one—just let us know by commenting and sharing the word! And as always, keep a lookout for TopVA’s next insightful entry.

That’s it for today. Catch you later!


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