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Debunking VA Myths: Why Being a Virtual Assistant Is a Legit Career Choice

A common misconception about being a virtual assistant is that it’s just a temporary gig until you find a more “legit” job opportunity somewhere else.

But we at TopVA think differently—like any other job, you can find fulfillment and learn valuable things. So today, we’re going to debunk that myth and show you exactly why being a virtual assistant is a 100% legitimate career choice! Let’s get straight into it!

You Pick Up Valuable Skills

No one ever said being a VA is easy. A VA often wears many hats, which makes this kind of work the perfect opportunity to pick up new skills!

VAs are tasked with handling all sorts of challenging business-related matters, ranging from administrative tasks to constructing digital marketing strategies to creating online content. You’ll be doing these tasks over and over for various clients—and since practice is the best teacher, it won’t be long until you start improving in leaps and bounds.

The skills you’ll pick up as a VA will serve you well even in your later years, and that is what a good career should give you—an opportunity to gain experience and learn skills that you can use in different areas of your life outside of work.

You Build Connections

In any career path, you should be looking to build valuable connections with knowledgeable, experienced people.

And seeing as how you’ll be working with other passionate and skilled individuals, both VAs and clients, you won’t lack opportunities to meet all kinds of people! You’ll likely coordinate with many other VAs to produce real results for your clients. This not only gives you a chance to get to know your coworkers but also hone your people skills. You will be able to navigate varied social groups with many different kinds of personalities and work professionally, no matter how you get along.

And who knows? You might find great future opportunities thanks to the friends you make along the way.

You Learn How to Negotiate

You can expect to negotiate and deal with various types of people throughout your life, and being a VA gives you the opportunity to refine this particular soft skill.

Why? Firstly, you’ll likely be the liaison between your clients and your team, or other people whose services they need. You will no doubt get a lot of practice managing expectations and helping make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Secondly, as a freelancer, you need to negotiate your own rates with your clients and clearly highlight the value you bring. It will be a bit of a trial-by-fire at first, but trust us, there’s no better way to learn effective negotiation and hone your self-confidence!

And related to the previous point, you could start specializing. We mentioned earlier that you pick up valuable skills while working as a VA. Now, imagine what would happen if you start excelling in something highly specific, such as website creation or graphic design. You gain specialist skills that give you way more leverage in negotiating for your rates.

As a VA, you’ll find yourself a master negotiator in no time!

Done and Dusted

So…are you thinking about becoming a virtual assistant?

You probably aren't quitting your current job and dropping everything to become a VA right now, but hopefully we've been able to provide you with a deeper understanding of what it really means to be a VA. We hope that you can use this newfound knowledge to take the next step in your career, whatever it may be. Good luck!

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