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3 Ways to Effectively Repurpose Your Content

“Uncommon thinkers reuse what common thinkers refuse.”

— J. R. D. Tata

Too many people go into content marketing with the mindset that they need to put out 100% original content all the time. But while originality is good, you can’t treat all of your content like one-offs.

Why? From a practical standpoint, it takes far more time and effort to produce completely unique content each time. This could quickly lead to burnout, especially with the added pressure that comes from having to post frequently and consistently. Plus, that old content of yours still has value that your newer audiences could learn from.

And from a digital marketing perspective, it just makes sense. For one, you already know the content will work because it captivated your audience in the past. You can analyze your old posts for patterns in engagement and focus on reusing the high performers.

Now that you know why you should repurpose your content, let's talk about how you can do it. In today’s blog post, we’ll be sharing three ways you can effectively repurpose your content. Let’s get started!

Convert An Old Blog Post Into a Twitter Thread

Do you have an old blog that made the rounds on social media? It’s time to unearth it and turn it into something new—a Twitter thread!

While the character limit can be a challenge to navigate, that’s also what makes threads so effective. You’re forced to truncate all that information and value into bite-sized tweets, which means there’s less chance of your audience growing bored and scrolling away. Plus, each tweet can be interacted with individually!

What you do is create a reverse outline from your blog. Take only the most important topics and condense them as much as you can. Be sure to research and use relevant hashtags. The good thing about the Tweet composer is that you can make a thread in drafts, and just click “Tweet all” to publish everything at once.

Create Videos Using Your Past Written Content

Video marketing is another extremely powerful form of marketing. According to SproutSocial, 58% of people prefer videos and other visual-first content over anything else on social media.

You can take high-performing posts and create scripts for a recording. You don’t even need lighting equipment or a studio—spontaneous, natural-looking videos help you seem more authentic and approachable. Or, if you have interviews or podcast guestings, turn them into audiograms!

Keep your videos short and sweet, unless you’re posting on YouTube. You can also take nuggets of information from your blogs to make snappy short-form videos, like TikToks or Instagram Reels!

And if you don’t have the skills for producing and editing videos, no problem! The answer is a lot simpler than you think—just reach out for help from a digital marketing or virtual assistant agency so they can turn your content into stunning visuals.

Create an Ebook Using Old Blogs and Newsletters

Ebooks are a great way to provide real value and show prospects your expertise. Free ebooks make great lead magnets and help you grow your mailing list. If you decide to sell your ebook, you can bypass the hassle of pitching and looking for a publisher—just have a creative team lay it all out as a pdf and make a dedicated landing page for it.

That said, a great ebook isn’t easy to make! You need to pack in as much value as you can, which means lots and lots of research…

…but if you’ve been giving content marketing your all, chances are you already HAVE done the research. So why let it go to waste?

If you have old blogs and newsletters that cover the same topic, compile them. It’s also a good idea to add some new information, just to give your readers exclusive content they can’t find on your blog or newsletter. Once it’s all there, stitch the information together with eye-catching headings and transitions.

The Final Word

There you have it! Hopefully, now you can breathe some new life into your old posts. When done right, repurposing your content allows you to save a ton of time, deliver value to a lot more people, and broaden your audience!

And if you need digital marketing or graphic design help, TopVA is at your service! Just get in touch with us right here on our website. And don't forget to follow our blog!

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