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Generate 5, 10, or 20 targeted leads daily, effortlessly while you sleep!

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The World's Easiest Way To Get
Clients On Facebook™

With $0 Ad Spend

Stop wasting time and money on Facebook™ ads and content that doesn’t convert.

Lead Box Pro is your direct line to paying clients, offering a no-fuss, no-ad spend solution that works. Step into the fast lane of business growth without the chase.

Lead Box Pro Are Perfect For : Entrepreneurs | Biz Owners | Service Providers | Coaches

Quickly Find and Connect With Your Dream Clients ORGANICALLY!

And Start Profitable Conversations With Them On Autopilot... (Without ever putting your personal FB profile at risk!)

 Here's How Our Lead Box Pro Works: 


Client CRM

Organize & Manage Facebook Leads Into Pipelines All Without Doing It Manually. Add Notes, Set Reminders & Automate Your Follow Ups With Just a Click of a Button.


Client Prospector PRO

Automatically Scrape Leads From ANY Facebook Groups, Facebook Posts, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages & Influencers


Trusted By Over 15,000+ USERS Worldwide For Leads Daily

See What Our Clients Say

Claudia Karba

8-Figure Coach


Matthew Butera

CEO of StackedDigital


Marcus Boyd

CEO of Multiply Marketing


Charlie Brown

Business Coach


Vanessa Collins

Writing & Publishing Coach


Kunal Rajani

CEO of Hyperloop Media


Lara Gray

Business Owner


Mike Mixon

CEO of BeInnovatorsInvest


Michael Whellan

Business Owner


Suzi Manley

CEO of Five Foot Rope


Jay Dench

Persnal Trainer


Deborah Donaldson

Affiliate Marketer


Lead Box Pro Are Perfect For : Entrepreneurs | Biz Owners | Service Providers | Coaches

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How Many Hours Are You Wasting Every Day on Facebook Prospecting Manually?

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Lost opportunities to competitors

Doing everything manually

Hours copy and pasting messages

Lot's of time with poor results

ZERO Sales

Outdated methods

Push Button System

Organizes Sales System

Sync with your GHL Pipeline

Proven Strategies That We Use


Buyer Leads = MORE SALES!

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Find Your Audience on Facebook™ and PUSH the Button

Once you start using Lead Box Pro, you’ll never go back.

Here’s why:




Find a Facebook™ group of people who are interested in products like yours. Join the group and post value based content.




Send the people who are engaging with the content in the Facebook™ groups you're part of a friend request and a greeting.




Attract & move these people to your inbox to find out their pain points and then educate them to sell your stuff.

Lead Box Pro Are Perfect For : Entrepreneurs | Biz Owners | Service Providers | Coaches

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See What Real USERS SAID About Our Tools!

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If We Could Help You Get Just ONE New Client Per Month, For $147/mo, Would You Take That Offer?

Enter Voucher Code: SAVE50 at checkout to get 50% OFF

How To Sign Up? Click The Button Below.

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Still Got Questions?

  • What exactly do I get when I buy this?
    You're getting Lead Box Pro Tool -- the most powerful lead generation tools online!
  • Is my personal Facebook account safe?
    Although Lead Box Pro are overwhelmingly safe (less than 1% of our users have ever experienced an issue of bot detection from Facebook) and has built-in precautions to ensure that Lead Box Pro flies well below the radar from the bot detection protocols from Facebook, there is always an inherent risk of automating tasks inside of Facebook.
  • How many outbound messages can I send per day?
    Unlimited, But In order to keep your profile perfectly safe from any restrictions from Facebook, We'll recommend to send out a maximum of 30 outbound messages per day.
  • How many friend requests can I send per day?
    Although Lead Box Pro can scan an entire Facebook group and find thousands of high-quality leads at once, and send unlimited friend requests and DMs. But we'll recommend you only send 30 friend requests per day to prevent your personal profile from being flagged by Facebook.
  • If I cancel my Lead Box Pro account, will I lose my data?
    As with most "software-as-a-service" platforms, when you cancel your account, your data will become inaccessible, but don't worry, we'll keep everything backed up & waiting so you can come back again later!
  • How long are your contracts?
    There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can use Lead Box Pro month to month, and cancel at any time you'd like!
  • Do I have to install anything?
    No! We created Lead Box Pro as a Chrome extension that lives on your browser so no need to install anything! Just sign up, login and let Lead Box Pro do their thing!
  • Where can I get support?
    We have a world class support team who can answer your questions M-F from 10am - 6pm EST! Just email us here: << This is our support email. Please send all correspondence to this email address.
  • Who’s this perfect for?
    Agencies looking to build a better process for their team. Entrepreneurs, Biz Owners, Services Providers, Funnel Builders, Agency Owners, Marketer, and Affiliate Marketers interested in building a list, audience, or sell anything using organic Facebook™ marketing.
  • Can I integrate my goHighLevel (GHL) with Lead Box Pro?
    Yep, you can connect your GHL with Lead Box Pro to Keep track of your Leads and take Facebook leads through a sales cycle using GHL pipeline. At last, see your new Facebook friends go from "new lead" to "won deals".
  • Do I have to pay for updates?
    No! We make constant updates to our software, add new features and you get it all for FREE! Because FB Pro Tools are hosted on the cloud, once they installed on your browser whenever we make an update or add new features, they automatically show up in your account!

Lead Box Pro Are Perfect For : Entrepreneurs | Biz Owners | Service Providers | Coaches

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 Lead Box Pro 

Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Land High-Paying Clients Quickly, Easily, and FREE-ly Online!

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Quickly Find Your Dream Clients!
Start Profitable Conversations On Autopilot!
Easily Keep Track Of Your Leads In Messenger!
Sync with your GHL Pipeline
Speak With More People Than Ever With Canned Responses!
Land More Clients, Make More Sales, Make More Money!
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