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Here’s what you should know about ChatGPT!

Hey there, business owner!

If you’ve been online recently (which we know you have), you’ve probably heard of a program that’s taking the marketing world by storm…


ChatGPT is a new artificial intelligence (AI) software with the ability to think and write like a real person… or so it seems. You can ask it anything, and you’ll receive a response that will make you forget that you’re talking to a computer program.

Due to its writing prowess, people have been using it for all sorts of things, including—yup, you guessed it—copywriting!

But wait…

“Can it replace actual copywriters?”

Unlike older writing AI, ChatGPT is able to produce coherent, grammatically correct, and research-based output that isn’t just keyword vomit.

But hold your horses, because here’s what you should also know…

No matter how revolutionary it is, ChatGPT CANNOT replace the work of actual copywriters.

Because while ChatGPT’s responses are well-crafted, they are missing one important factor—a human touch.

After all, good sales copy isn’t just about facts. It needs to resonate with your audience using wit, humor, and variety that you only get when working with expert copywriters.

Plus, ChatGPT’s output isn’t always consistent. It’s based on the data and questions you feed into it—meaning, you’ll need copywriters who have top-notch research skills anyway.

And to prove our point, we’re going to present you with two emails—one written by ChatGPT, and the other written by a TopVA copywriter.

So after comparing the two emails, some things become evident.

ChatGPT’s version is filled with insights, but they’re presented in a way that lacks personality and nuance. In short, it sounds boring.

On the other hand, the email written by our copywriter sounds a lot more organic. It’s like you’re talking to an actual person, which is what effective content should ideally be like.

And if you like what you see from our copywriter, maybe you’d like to see them do it for your business…Time and time again, for dozens of our clients, TopVA has produced excellent, high-converting sales copy. It doesn’t matter if you need captivating social media posts, email marketing campaigns, or websites—our team can get it done.If you’re ready to work with us, click here to book your FREE strategy session:

That’s it for today. Catch you later!


The TopVA Team

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