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Andrea Tatum Hero Journey

Updated: Jun 25

Once upon a time, there lived a dedicated and passionate DEI coach named Andrea.

But no matter how passionate a business owner is, they’re still at risk of experiencing problems while running their company, such as burnout, stress and a lack of free time.

For Andrea, she struggled heavily with scheduling, communicating with clients, and booking meetings. These issues threatened to take away her free time and peace of mind.

Andrea knew she had to find a solution. But not just any solution!

She needed a team that could address her issues and restore balance to her career and personal life—both in the short term and long term.

And lo and behold, with a bit of research, she stumbled upon TopVA, an elite virtual assistant agency consisting of passionate, dedicated VAs and creative minds.

Andrea was excited to turn her situation around and live her best life. So she hired TopVA to help run her business.

What happened next will shock you…

Andrea got WAY MORE than she signed up for!

It’s true that TopVA effectively addressed her scheduling, communication and appointment-setting issues. But they didn’t stop there!

They also provided her with top-notch copywriting and graphic design services, while optimizing her website and editing her video content.

To Andrea’s surprise, TopVA proved to be much more than a simple assistant. They became a literal extension of her business, ready to provide high quality assistance and support whenever she needed it.

This compelled Andrea to tell other entrepreneurs about TopVA’s game-changing services. She encouraged them to entrust TopVA with their companies and expect stellar results—because she’s seen them firsthand.

And to this day, TopVA continues to change businesses—and lives—for the better.

Their impact goes way beyond increasing productivity and streamlining even the most complicated processes. They’re able to help business owners catch up on their hobbies, spend time with their loved ones, and attend to everything else they’ve been missing out on.

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