MERN Stack Developer

We are looking for a project-based MERN Full Stack Developer - someone with a passion for design, collaborative mindset, and effective problem-solving skills. As a Full Stack Developer, you’d be responsible for working closely with other engineers to create beautiful, intuitive, functional user experiences for a ground-up Android and iOS application using ReactJS, React-Native, Node.JS, Express.JS and MongoDB. Required Skills: • Familiarity with the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.JS, React.JS and Node.JS) • Minimum 2 years (3 preferred) of working experience in front-end development with React JS • Experience building back-end API’s using Node.js and Express.Js • Experience with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Redis • Experience with Web sockets and related frameworks (e.g. Socket.IO) • Experience using RESTful APIs and basic authentication mechanisms, such as Cookie authentication and JWT. • Entrepreneurial drive to create successful products • Very Fluent in English Preferred Skills: • Experience building native applications with React-Native • Experience with Docker virtualization • Experience with relational databases such as MySql and Postgres Sql • Experience with Git version control system • Experience working in an agile environment (e.g. Scrum, Kanban) Copyright 2019